Jo Stephen Photography

Impressionist Nature Photography.



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Protected by CopyscapeFor the last few years I have been joyfully documenting my relationship with the nature and landscape around my home in rural north Dorset using photography. I am self taught, and my images are all created on a shoestring, using cheap vintage lenses often found in charity shops, and a  battered and beloved Sony A58. I improvise filters from found objects and experiment to create images that reflect my relationship with and love of the local woods, fields and chalk streams and the wildlife they are home to. I have found photography to be a meditative and healing practice in an increasingly noisy world and wander with my camera as often as time allows.

Last year I was awarded a bronze medal for a Portfolio of Photography at the RHS London Plant and Art fair 2018. This year I have been delighted to have two winning images in the Abstract Views category of the International Garden Photographer of the Year.



Most of my work is available as greetings cards which you can buy at my shop here.